Email no longer works and needs to be changed


My family and scout recently moved from Germany back to Virginia

My son, when he set up his scoutbook account originally, he sent it up with his school email address as the login and and associated email.

His information is
SB User ID: 5938815
BSA Member ID: 135179105

How to I get this changed?

For reference, my information is
SB User ID: 11843961
BSA Member ID: 13827332

Let me know if this can be fixed.

@RalphRadka The user has Sign in with Google - so they need to click that logo to sign in - or is it THAT password he does not know? That is a Google issue

The school account he used was a google account (e-mail removed by Moderator)

this is the account that is no longer active. I can have him try again and ensure he is using the login with google option to see if it works.

So the School - setup the Google account? That is not a BSA Issue. They could go to - lower right use the BOT to recover account - just type forgot password - if they do not know Security question just say “No” - make sure it matches up to Correct Scout

Password reset doesn’t work when Google sign in is turned on, because the BSA cannot reset an external password (Google or Apple).

We’ll try that, the issue is, his account through the school is no longer active as he is not in the school.

so this is not a password reset issue at its core.

@RalphRadka What might work is to have him try and create a new account at my.scouting (best to create a user name that is not an e-mail address).

If he is able to create a new my.scouting account, then we can request the old one with the Google sign in be retired.

I will try that when I get home and get back with you. We did try that already but it would not let him create by himself because he is still 12. If we create as if he is older, can we go back and change the age and birthday in the account.

No, the system looks for a match based on name and DOB. If you use a fake DOB, what’s likely to happen is the system will create a new BSA member number.

Ok, so how does he create the new account if he is 12?

@RalphRadka As the parent, you should be able to create the account for the Scout.

Is the system stopping you? Or are you getting a warning message?

Yes, When I put in his birthday I cannot click forward. I get a warning about his age.

It says" If you are younger than 13 years of age, your Parent/Guardian must create the account"

When I try and create as a parent, it brings up a recovery page that asks two questions that we do not have the answers for.


Do you not see the Are you Parent/Guardian question when you enter the data for your Scout?

Yes, what I said, When I try and create as a parent, using what you brings up, it highlights that there is an account already setup. when I click to recover, it brings me to a recovery page that asks two questions that we do not have the answers for. To not recover, will set up a new account under another ID

Correction, when I click not to recover it just tells me to contact by local troop.

@RalphRadka Could you try again?

There was an address mismatch between BSA databases.

I still get the same result

Success, but is created a new account under member ID: 14719741

Can you move his BSA account under this new account?

@RalphRadka This is done.

Your Scout will need to register in the new council, though. He is currently registered with the old council under that BSA member number.