Parent/Scout unable to reset password

I have a Scout that is unable to reset their SB password. They get to this screen, but it just spins.

Any advice on how we can get it reset?


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID and we can tell you the best way to proceed.

His ID is 129519898. I just spoke with our council and they were not able to reset the password because it is “integrated with a Google or Gmail account”. they are going to try calling national and see if they can change his username to something other than an email address and potentially reset his password as well. I just changed his primary email address on the account to his personal email, which is what he prefers, not sure if that makes any difference.


Your Council is correct. He has his ID setup to use Google Login. He needs to use the Google Login button and his Google ID and password to log in. Once he logs in to he can switch his login back to BSA credentials by clicking on the links in the upper right and selecting My Account then selecting BSA Credentials.

If he is getting a message that he cannot login with his Google ID due to his age then your Council needs to open a ticket with BSA IT to have the account switched to BSA Credentials.

Thank you Ed! We’ll give that a try.


Note the google ID he needs to log in with is NOT a gmail address.

National was able to change his username to something other than an email address and reset his password. Thanks again for your help!

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