Email Opt-Out

I am being told by my pack that I am listed as having opted out of emails but when I go into scoutbook and click on email, it shows that I have not opted out. Am I missing something in my account settings or is there an error in Scoutbook that needs to be fixed? My scoutbook user ID for my kid is 13186298. Thanks for any suggestins!

It sounds like you may have more than one Scoutbook account. The SUAC volunteers can probably help identify that, get it resolved. However, once the accounts are combined, I think you still have to go in and disable the opt-out. That’s what happened for one of the parents in my unit, anyway.

I presume you are logging in through your child’s account. Matthew’s account (I am guessing that is you) is the one that is opted out. Log in to your account and you can fix it.

Thank you for the help!

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