How Can a Parent Opt-In For Emails After Previously Opting Out?

I have a parent who opted out of emails a couple of years ago and has now taken on a leadership role and would like to opt in. We’ve walked her through the usual process of opting in using the toggle in her account, but when she tries to switch the toggle, her cursor changes to a red x (almost like she doesn’t have permissions). Is this a bug or is there another way I, as an admin, can opt her back in?

Thanks for your help!

Probably best for user to post in forums themself

They are at camp this week with pretty terrible Internet connectivity. We’re trying to get this resolved ASAP.

Well it really needs a screenshare cause a change to red is not part of the code I believe - it sounds like something on their side. Would be better to actually see it

what is the BSA #? @RebekahNyalko

She doesn’t have a number yet. She’s going to wrap up her YPT when she’s home from camp so we can get her application in with Council. I can give you other information, if it helps.

If she has a scoutbook account she probably has a number

What is her Scout’s BSA member number?

His member number is 14747384

that mother has not logged in since 11/5/22

She might be trying to change the opt-out in - the opt out is at > click My Profile > Email > the opt out is at the top of the page

I’m going to get clarification from her now. We’ve been back and forth and she’s only ever mentioned Scoutbook.


She has not logged into scoutbook since 11/2022 but has been in for training and stuff

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You all are amazing, thank you so much for your help (and patience) today! She was confusing Scoutbook and my.scouting and will try logging in as soon as she can.

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