New parents connected with email opted out

Hi! I have 2 new Scouts with parents showing emails in their accounts but opted out for email communications and have not gotten the invites to connect. I have contacted them directly to confirm they do not want to opt out on emails, but I am not able to figure out how to get the opt out removed to send an invite to connect.
Their information is:
BSA ID# 140165846
BSA ID# 140146805
Thanks for any help!

Moderator: Names removed. Please do not post names, all that is needed is a BSA Member ID.

Are these completely brand new to scouting families?


As an unit admin, you cannot change the opt out status. Each individual must do so themselves by logging in to Scoutbook and going to My Account → E-Mail then setting the opt out slider to the left so that the background is gray.

For BSA Member ID 140165846, the member needs to create a ID for their member ID then log in to Scoutbook. It appears this individual at one time lived in OK where he earned Eagle.

For BSA Member ID 140146805, the member needs to log in to Scoutbook using their ID that starts with the last name. It appears this individual used to live in FL.

Please confirm and we can help merge the various accounts that have been created.

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