Scoutbook email not working comcast users

My husband and I are comcast users and we both have our email “opted in” in our profiles but we are not receiving Scoutboook emails or event RSVP reminders as of today (4/26). We received emails on the 24th just fine. I changed my email in my profile to my gmail account and emails worked so it definitely seems to be something with comcast.

Thanks for any help.

Melissa Peplow

Comcast was one of the providers impacted by the email blacklisting of the Scoutbook mail server. If that’s new today, we might be back on the blacklist.

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@MelissaPeplow - do note the announcement banner at the top of the forums… this is NOT a bug but rather a response from email providers… the volume of emails and reminders sent out by units has placed scoutbook emails on the blacklist. I too am a comcast email customer and indeed if i send any email via scoutbook i do not receive it.

Do we have any clue why comcast was blacklisted in the first place?

The actual issue is related to how a third-party spam detection provider (whose users include Comcast and other email providers) is “identifying” spam servers. My understanding is that the provider does not disclose (including to the BSA) exactly why a server was listed, and it definitely hasn’t been posted here.

You could probably search the forums to find a lot of discussion and speculation on the causes.

Scoutbook was placed on the blacklist this evening.

The blacklist vendors will not say why any site gets blacklisted.


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