Enabling access of one parent to a Scout's account when another parent has control

Hi! We have a situation that arises somewhat frequently where a Scout has signed up for Scouting years ago and one parent had control. Scoutbook says both parents have “full control”, but the other parent cannot “invite” the youth to his own account so that he can sign up for outings, view his progress, and receive/send emails to other Scouts.

Is there a way around this when the other parent cannot be contacted? Would like to give the Scout’s family access.


I don’t understand. If both parents have the Parent/Guardian check box on their connection checked, then they will both be able to RSVP on behalf of the Scout and receive e-mail when one is sent to the Scout.

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Or the Scout has already been invited. If you provide a BSA # of such a scout we can look

She told me she couldn’t invite. We figured it out right after I posted this but now it shows 2 instances of same Scout and giving her an error message to invite.

Strange because I’ve had 2 other parents with this same issue. Thank you. I will look to see about how to fix doubles (unless you know and can help)


She figured it out but now showing 2 instances of the same Scout. Think they created a new account at my.Scouting.org because of something I saw here. How to fix that?


Please provide the Scout’s BSA member number, and we can take a look.


Thank you


@AllisonSorg I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you Jennifer! Checking now to see if she can send him an invite. Before it was not letting her because there were 2.

@AllisonSorg There should be no need to send the Scout an invite.

The Scout should just log in. The Scout has Google sign in turned on, so he needs to log in with the “Sign in with Google” button, his Google name, and Google password.

Interesting. He has been unable to log into his account ever. We cannot send him emails about Troop activities and he can’t RSVP for Scout outings. Really odd. I’ve texted his mom. We’ll see what they can do, but I’ll let her know about the Google login

The Scout’s username was linked to the wrong Scoutbook account. In addition, his Scoutbook account had a default e-mail address. Everything should be fixed now.

The Scout should be able to log in now with the “Sign in with Google” button, his Google name, and Google password.

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