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We have a father who is enrolled in SB and would like to invite his son to join. However the father is not seeing an invite button for his son. When I check SB I do not see his son enrolled and the father and son are linked.


When you go to Messages for you unit, do you see the Scout’s name? If you do, he has already been invited. If you post the Scout’s BSA Member ID or Scoutbook UserID (no names) we can investigate.

The Scout’s name is not found in messages. BSA# 133471693

The Scout (initials WT) has an e-mail address already attached to his account which is which is why the father doesn’t see the invite button. The Scout should login with his e-mail address and if he can’t remember the password, use the Forgot Password link in Scoutbook.

okay - but why would i not see the scout as an email option?

I don’t know. This is a case I have never seen. I need to ask other SUAC members if they have encountered this and know why it is happening.

The suggestion from other SUAC members is that I remove his e-mail address from Scoutbook then the father should be able to invite him and he will appear in your messages list.

Let me know if you want me to proceed with doing this.

Yes lets do that - remove his email and let the father re-invite him.

This is done. Please let me know if the father is able to invite the Scout.

The father is still not able to invite the scout (WT) to Scoutbook because it still reads that he has an existing account.

@StevenLobasso I found a duplicate Scoutbook account for the Scout.

@StevenLobasso I have merged the Scoutbook accounts.

The Scout should be able to log in now with his my.scouting username and password – not his e-mail address.

The Scout also has a second BSA member number that your council might want to delete / retire.

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