Entering Activity / Bulk Entry

I’m not yet sure what the issue is but with limited activity to enter, I’m hoping someone else has seen this and can provide some insight. I have two different issues but they might be related.

I’m Den Leader/Advancement Chair/Pack Admin in SB+. I was able to complete Activity 1 for the Summertime Fun for a upcoming Tiger and an AOL (but the WEBELO activity, long story).

I have two upcoming WEBELOS that I get the follow error. So I could complete WEBELOS Summertime activity 1 for the Scout in AoL but not the two in WEBELOS.

The other part of my problem (possibly related).when I try to do a bulk entry I can only apparently do bulk entry for the Tiger Den (the one I’m assigned to as a Den Leader role) which doesn’t make sense because I can add the adventures/activity in the individual profile as Advancement Chair/Pack Admin.

In the photo below I’m trying to add Activity 1 Summertime for the other Two WEBELOS and can’t select anyone, additionally the AOL, earning the WEBELO adventure shows both started (v2024) and Not Started as well as Not Eligible. Overall the bulk entry is a bit of a mess.

yes this is an issue that DEVs are trying to figure out - temp solution they say is switching Rank versions a few times


I have reported the issue with bulk entry only working for your den to the developers.


Any advise on the 404 error?


As Donovan said earlier, try switching the rank version back and forth a couple times. The developers are investigating this error and have told us this sometimes works.

Sorry, I didn’t know what issue Donovan was referring to.

I only have 2024 Current as an option.


If you click on 2024 on the rank it should open a pull down that lets you select the prior version.

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Switch version of Rank not Adventure

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@edavignon & @DonovanMcNeil

Ah, sorry, still learning the new navigation. That did in fact fix that issue. Thanks!

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@TravisStephens good - what exactly did you do?


Went back to the rank, changed it to version 2022 then back to Current 2024, then it would save.

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I can’t get anything to show up from Cub Scouts and when I manage to get to a spot to increase rank - the only ranks available are Troop level ranks.

@ShelleyConnolly could you provide a screenshot without exposing names or other PII?

@ShelleyConnolly You need to assign your scouts to dens. Start by clicking the den button in the headers to group and sort by den. Then, you can edit one den at a time to add new scouts.

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@ShelleyConnolly - additionally you will need to add the den leaders in the respective dens or the system will not allow the save in advancements.scouting.org

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When I try it shows all kinds of dens and when I try to edit it or add scouts, it says the error message listed in the photo.

Is this a pack or troop?

@ShelleyConnolly what position is selected for you under the drop down in the top right corner? What are the options?

It looks like you have at least three scoutbook accounts. You are a Cubmaster in one council and a scoutmaster in another. So, you definitely need at least two. That could be related to your issues, too.

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I was about to come and ask this.

I don’t know what a troop looks like but I would think tan with the Scouts BSA logo would be troop.

Doesn’t look like my Pack account