Entering Crew Guide Position for Venturer

When updating leadership positions for Venturers, there is no option to select “Crew Guide.” There is a selection option for Troop/Team Guide, which then displays the Crew Guide Insignia. There is also an option to select “Crew Leader” which is a Sea Scout position, and displays the Sea Scout Crew Leader Insignia. In our case, our youth and leader are enrolled as both a Crew and a Ship (which isn’t completely uncommon), so Crew Leader is the right position for this Venturer when we are acting as a Sea Scout Ship. But technically Venturing units don’t have patrols or crews, and I’m not sure this option is supposed to be available to select for Venturers.

This is in backlog already - we pointed it out to developers again

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@BryanBlair The position of Crew Guide for Venturers has been fixed.

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