March 22, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Connection Manager
    • An issue that caused Connection Manager to only allow View Profile and/or View Advancement to be selected has been fixed. Any connection type can now be selected for registered leaders. Non-registered adults are limited to View Profile and/or View Advancement.
  • Connection Search
    • An issue that prevented search from the Connections page from returning results has been fixed. I searching for a Merit Badge Counselor check the MBC Only check box. In this case only name and one other field is required. If the MBC only check box is cleared, two other fields are required.
  • Venture Crew Positions of Responsibility
    • The Venture Crew participant Positions of Responsibility (Leadership) should not contain Crew Leader or Assistant Crew Leader positions as these only apply to Sea Scout Ships. These positions of responsibility have been removed from the dropdown list of positions that can be selected for Venture Crew participants.

New Features

  • Calendar Invite List
    * Leaders, Scouts and parents who leave the unit will be removed from existing calendar invite lists. This will prevent these leaders from receiving future calendar reminders. Current calendar events have been updated to remove all former leaders, Scouts and parents from the invite lists.
    Note: Scheduled calendar reminders are still disabled.
    Bug Warning We have reports that if a calendar event is set for multiple units, all Scouts and any adults not associated with both units have been removed. The developers are aware of the issue and are investigating.

    This change has been backed out. It will be applied again once the issue with calendar events for multiple units is resolved.