Entries without specific time when first created, never display on Dashboard page Upcoming Events or on Troop/Unit page Upcoming Events

Intermittently, entries created without a specific time when first created display as an “upcoming event” on My Calendar page but do not display on Dashboard page or Troop/Unit page. They don’t display even after editing and assigning a specific time. See “test” entries in attached pdf. A real example in the attached pdf is Scout Sunday!

These entries are used as placeholders when a time for an event is yet to be determined and for all day events.Calendar Entries without specific time when first created.pdf (245.9 KB)

All of that comes down to which calendars you select and which invitees you list. The my dashboard will only display it if you are an invitee.

Thank you, it was the fact that there were no invitees. Would it be possible to show the event when no invitees have been selected? If some invitees have been selected then only display if user is invited as you do today. The scenario is that often some details are still being ironed out for a particular event yet we like to get it in the calendar as a sort of placeholder.

At present, events without invitees are visible when anyone looks at the unit/subunit (den, patrol) calendar itself, rather than relying exclusively on the “upcoming events” on the Dashboard. Having events to which people are not invited appear on their dashboard could clutter the “upcoming events” list, which only accommodates a limited number of events.

I can see some value to having upcoming events that are not yet finalized appear on calendars (e.g. Courts of Honor), but to achieve that goal I have been inviting everyone to the event but not setting any reminders until the event is “finalized”.

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