Error accessing account - not in roster


We have a scout and his parent (140144539 and 140144538) who are unable to log into their account. The parent is not showing as connected in Scoutbook, and is also not on our roster for, while the scout is.

Thanks for your help!

@LaurenDilles The parent has Apple sign in turned on.

When logging in to Scoutbook, she needs to click on the “Sign in with Apple” button and use her Apple credentials.

Thank you, Jennifer! If that fixes the log-in issue and she successfully accesses her account, will she then show up in our roster as well?

@LaurenDilles - is that parent a registered leader ?

@LaurenDilles Which roster are you referring to?

The official pack roster in, not the one in Scoutbook.

@LaurenDilles - only if they are a registered adult.

Unit Positions

Code Description
Required Code Description
CA Assistant Cubmaster Y AA Post Explorer Post Associate Advisor Y
SA Assistant Scoutmaster Y PCC Post Committee Chairman Y
VA Assistant Varsity Coach Y PMC Post Committee Member Y
WA Assistant Webelos Leader Y SP Principal/Executive Officer Y
DA Asst. Den Leader Y SM Scoutmaster Y
CR Chartered Organization Rep. Y SK Skipper Y
CC Committee Chairman Y LG STEM Lab Guide Y
MC Committee Member Y AP Tiger Adult N
CM Cubmaster Y TL Tiger Den Leader Y
DL Den Leader Y 212 Unit Chaplain Y
IH Executive Officer N 92U Unit College Scouter Reserve Y
EA Explorer Post Advisor Y REU Unit Religious Emblems Coord Y
10 Leader of 11-Year-Old Scouts Y 91U Unit Scouter Reserve Y
LP Lion Adult Partner N VC Varsity Scout Coach Y
LC Lion Coordinator Y 92V Venturing College Sctr Reserve Y
LL Lion Den Leader Y NL Venturing Crew Advisor Y
MT Mate Y NA Venturing Crew Assoc. Advisor Y
NM New Member Coordinator Y VP Venturing Participant Y
PT Pack Trainer Y WL Webelos Leader Y
P Participant Y M Youth Member Y

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