Error Code: 0 New Account Creation

I have a volunteer who is trying to create an account in my, to complete her Youth Protection Training. She gets System Error - Error Code: 0. Any recommendations on how to resolve?

@SarahNorman at what step does the error appear? what is the BSA#?

She has never been a member of BSA so has no MID. She is filling out the information to register an account. Once she enters the information (Name, DOB, email, zip, etc.) and hits submit she receives the error code.

If she is a parent she likely has a BSA #

OR is she has a Scoutbook login she should be able to just use that to log into

I’ve search both in registrar tools and mybsa2 for any record of her and cannot find anything. She is registering as a MBC so I don’t know that she has any other affiliations. I have now emailed her to ask if she has a SB account or a child registered BSA…

Could be some security software she has - maybe try an incognito/private window

She does not have a SB account or child in BSA. I have recommended that she clear her cache and try opening the page in private/incognito mode.

I was able to set up here account for her and she is now resetting password and security questions. No idea why it didn’t work on her end, but at least the issue is now resolved. Thanks for the assistance!


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