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Hello I have a parent having issues getting in to scoutbook and my.scouting. I added her as a parent on the scout and sent her and it sent an invitation. However, she is unable to login. No BSA ID but the userID is 2641821.

If she tries to reset her password or accept the invitation it errors out and says:

"record could not be located. no accounts were found matching the information provided. please contact your local council to report it. Any easy way to help?

@AaronAkins she logged in in 2021 - 3 months ago - I can reset password if needed

Thanks that would be awesome!


@AaronAkins ok to make sure this is for S. Brenker

Yep that is correct.

@AaronAkins password is reset to " Training1" user is the email

thank you. I will send it to her!

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