Out-of-council transfer in, strange error

Hi there, working with a parent trying to transfer in two Scouts to our Pack, and we’re getting a weird error at the end of the transfer process:

Any thoughts? BSA numbers are:

parent: 12586969
child 1: 136421281
child 2: 136396270

are you using BeAScout? that is the only way for out of councils

That member number from dad is from national capital area council. The scout’s are currently registered in Texas Trails council. I’ve changed his primary member number and also merged two scoutbook accounts. Have him try again in 24 hours after systems have had a chance to sync.

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Hi Jacob,

Still getting the same error, at least on their phone. They’re gonna try on a laptop but is their anything else we should check? Or do they need to fully log out, then log back in? Let me know if you have any ideas.

Many thanks again,


Which council are you in?

I just found another username for him but that has never been logged into, and the one o looked at the other day was last logged in 3 days ago. It is the dad trying to log in?

We are National Capitol Area, they are transferring inf from TX. I think they are able to login - I asked them to login and get the Dad’s BSA number. Not sure if they created an extra account somewhere along the way, but they don’t seem to have a problem logging in.


So, they were in NCAC originally, moved to TX or AL for a few years, and now have moved back.

My point is I can’t tell where they are logging in. If neither of the usernames I see have logged on in the past three days, I don’t know what they used to try it yesterday or today.

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Ah ok I will ask them for the username being used and we can go from there.


Hi Jacob - I have the email that they are using to login to scouting.org - what’s the best way to get that to you?

I’ll send you a private message.

replied to your PM - let me know if you need anything else

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