Error logging in

My daughter has similar issue as she is not able to log anything online.

I’m looking into this

She had two accounts which I merged. She needs to use the sign in with Google button. The accounts had slightly different dates of birth (the day). Please check it and contact your council if incorrect.

You also had two usernames connected to the same account. I retired the one that is the email address. You should use the non-email address going forward.

We tried again. it seemed to work for 5 mins but now getting “Error”

@RaviRamnath - did i see edison nj… my troop was in metuchen…

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I don’t see any remaining issues. Can you detail the steps that produce the error?

Hi Jacob,

Sorry got busy at work. The steps to produce this has been same -

  1. Go to activity log
  2. select date and enter the details.
  3. the “Error” keep popping up and when you try to save, it just says “Error”.

she has to have this handy by the coming wednesday as she has BOR and is advancing a rank.
Appreciate the help.


So, she’s logged in as herself? And from a page like below clicks run report or clicks one of the individual logs like camping log?

yes, she logs into her account and tries what you mentioned.

What happens if she just clicks on “camping” from the screen I posted above?

“Error” popup shows up but lets her enter the info and eventually same “error” in the end.

“Error” appears immediately upon clicking camping? Or after a few more clicks?