Error when entering log item

I am trying to help a leader who is getting this message when entering log items anyone familiar with this one???

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maybe has 2 MIDs (BSA#) but will pass it on

@RonFedele - DEV thinks that only happens if you are logged in as a Youth - then log in as Adult - is that this case?

I will find out hope to do zoom call later


Dev also suggests trying an Incognito window.

great will try that as well

Ok found (and maybe fixed) one problem found another. It was actually an issue with a scouts account that was causing the error. He had a notice by his name that said “Blah Blah has created a new primary member id which is active in another unit. Blah Blah will remain on the roster until thier council registrar completes that transfer process or their annual registration for this unit expires.” He has no other registrations but when we look in Scoutbook he shows with a different ID number. Spoke to registrar who states number in IA is correct and is his registered number to this unit. There is another registration that seems to have been created in within past year (not by her) and shows advancement that matches what is in scoutbook (with unregistered number that has all checks marks and shows valid advancement sync). This account in scoutnet says that record was created by “att user2” not the registrar. We have merged the 2 accounts and I am waiting to hear back from the unit whether it fixed the problem.

Found another issue though … They were selecting 3 adult leaders when they go to save the updates the same leader keeps disappearing.

Thanks for the help


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