Error message: Too Many Redirects Occurred

Trying to enter awards and when I try to save the page tries to reload and says page cannot open because of too many redirects. Happening on my computer and my cell phone. Also, experiencing issues trying to get logged in as well.

I am getting this error as well. On Chrome, cleared cache, rebooted, and tried again with same errors. First I was using Quick Edit, after several failed attempts I did it again on several single scouts with the same error. Here is a video of me walking through the steps. 2021-03-23 17-27-27.mp4 - Google Drive

Something is up tonight. I keep seeing an error I haven’t seen before.


There was a database issue. It has been fixed. Users should now be able to login and edit items now.

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Thanks Bill! I’ve been able to get and start doing advancements!

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