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Error on IA upload: must be "pipe delimited" file type

I use desktop Troopmaster, version 4.12f - the newest as far as I can tell. The old file the Court of Honor report used to generate was csv, and that uploaded to the old Internet Advancment with no trouble. New IA required a txt file instead. I was able to find another checkbox that gave me a .txt file. When I tried to upload that in New Internet Advancement, I got an error that my file must be in a “pipe delimited” format. I’ve never heard of this format before, and no one else seems to have posted about this problem. Excel can’t output it and a quick google search shows if I go through this and that and another thing maybe in 30 minutes I could create a file using | instead of commas. Why? Why make this so difficult? And does anybody know how to create the right output file using Troopmaster at this point? I’ve read lots of posts, but everyone seems to be using TM Web or having different problems than this.


You need to communicate with TM - they have been in contact with BSA for about a year to get it right.

@ValerieMis - it appears that the desktop is at v5.02 or TM 2018. Your version is 2016 which may not have the current export code.

I had reached out to Troopmaster several times in the past year, and I couldn’t believe they didn’t tell me we needed to UPGRADE in order to get the correct report. We couldn’t just download the Troopmaster 2018 or Web 2.0 - they didn’t work with our current license. They assured me the report would work before we renewed last year, but now we are facing having to pay for an upgrade. In general I love TM, but their communication about this change was very poor. We are now on a free trial of the upgrade so we can get our data out of Troopmaster, and we’ll see if we stick with them or not.