Error reported when trying to enter "old" rank

While reviewing the record of our next-to-be Eagle Scout, I saw his second class rank was not recorded. I entered the completion date of 2/13/18, and received an error saying:

Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request.

Please go to Scoutbook Bugs - Scouting Forums to report this issue.
So I’m reporting this error.
It appears the date for the advancement was properly recorded when I look at Internet Advancement. Obviously low priority…

Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

What system were you trying to use? Second Class is not checked in the automatic verification process I do not believe - will have to check.

BSA Member ID 128744986

I used Scoutbook to mark 2nd Class complete (user is currently Life rank). After my post, I went back to Scoutbook to mark it Awarded, and received the same error message… but the advancement record updated correctly (to “Awarded”).

@JeffryRussell What process did you use? Did you use Quick Entry?

Normally, Scoutbook shouldn’t let you enter a date like that without having you go through and undo the higher ranks.

I believe the previous ranks were entered by someone at the council office based on printed advancement reports, and I would assume they have super powers that let them enter First Class, et al., without Second Class being marked complete.

I was/am trying to be a good citizen and clean up the Scout’s record before submitting the Eagle Application (instead of the council office entering missing badges things).

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