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Error Trying to Change Registered Positions

Anyone get an answer on this? I can’t make a Tiger Adult my Tiger Den Leader. I’m stuck.

A Tiger Adult Partner is not considered a registered leader by the BSA. To make them a registered scouter, they need to submit an adult application, complete YPT and the background check.

ETA: make sure that their name, birthdate, email address and BSA ID all match between what’s already in Scoutbook/my.scouting and what’s on their adult application. That reduces (but does not eliminate) the chances that the registrar will create a new Scoutbook account for them.

Thanks Charley, well noted and understood. I have multiple problems with this individual. They did fill out an application which I submitted (with payment) to the council 3 months ago. This included YPT and the background check signatures. I emailed the council executives several weeks ago to see why this person wasn’t in Scoutbook, and I didn’t get a response (I suspect they are quite understaffed). I’m continuing to chase that down.

So, I figure I’ll just take the paper applications I have and go the “Add New Member” route, upload the documents, and then worry about the fees later. I get an error when I do that too… Sigh.

@AnthonyPagnotto - the person that would enter apps would most likely be the council registrar. I would trust that the BSA ID from the adult partner was used through the process otherwise you will have an individual with an new ID.

I’ve got two that i submitted at the same time that are not in scoutbook or the recarter application. The person in question here is showing up in the recharter only as a Tiger Parent which comes off of her child’s Tiger application. Does that sound right?

I think all of my troubles boil down to the council not actioning the 2 adult applications I submitted.

@AnthonyPagnotto - what shows up in the roster at my.scouting.org for the unit ?

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Do either of them appear in the official roster at my.scouting.org? They should propagate from there to Scoutbook, but occasionally units need a manual “since” for some reason.

I agree that reaching out to the registrar is likely your best next step, assuming they don’t appear on your official roster.

In the official my.scouting.org roster the adult shows up as a tiger cub parent. The other adult is not in there.

@AnthonyPagnotto - well there you have it… this is a council issue.


Thank you. And color me shocked :slight_smile:

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I’m still having this problem, but also have a new one. I have a youth who has aged out of an Explorer Club and needs to be Transferred into the Explorer Post. In Scoutbook, he’s listed in the Post. He’s still listed in the club for Recharter.

In My.Scouting, he’s still listed in the Club.

@JeremyBlevins the club can TRY this - not sure if it works for Exploring yet

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

I tried that, but it wouldn’t let me transfer from a Club to a Post.

I’m also running into the same issue that @philipcloutier mentioned in another thread when trying to add him as a new youth member to the Post.