Unit does not have the required amount of leadership positions

When I attempt to “validate and pay” , I get the error
“Unit does not have the required amount of leadership positions”

WHAT positions are we missing? It gives you no error.
Also, I cannot change an adults position. He is somehow listed as “Adult Lion Partner”, and that is not correct.

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A pack has to have Key 3 positions, 2 committee members (or one committee and one new member coordinator), and a den Leader.

On the Adult Leader Partner - has that person turned in an Adult application?


When you scroll over the error message, a popup or tooltip should say what the missing position is.

For Cub Scout packs, a Pack Trainer (PT) can also count towards the committee member requirement.

Cub Scout pack minimum leadership positions (BSA Registration Guidebook page 11 Unit Requirements: Minimum leadership positions):

  • Chartered Org. Rep. (position code CR)
  • Committee Chair (CC)
  • Cubmaster (CM)
  • at least 2 committee members (may be Committee Member (MC), New Member Coordinator (NM), or Pack Trainer (PT))
  • at least 1 den leader (LL, TL, DL, or WL)

The Chartered Org. Rep. has the option to register in a multiple capacity (BSA Registration Guidebook page 16 Multiple Registrations) as the Committee Chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within the same unit.

These are not considered registered adult leader positions, but you also need (BSA Registration Guidebook pages 11 and 16 No-Fee-Required Registrations):

  • Executive Officer (IH)
  • a Lion Adult Partner (LP) or Tiger Adult Partner (AP) for each Lion or Tiger Scout
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I figured that out as soon as this answer appeared in my inbox!
The strange thing is that it would still not let me change the positions of 2 adults. All the rest, no problem.

Also, when I added the folks as Lion or Tiger adult partner, it did in fact add a fee for them.

If you have a Lion or Tiger Adult Partner, you can’t just change their position to an adult leader. You have to add them as new, because they need current YPT, CBC authorization form, and BSA adult application.

The Lion partner I understand. They will need a separate adult application to be made a den leader. However, the other one was a Den Leader, and I had inadvertently changed him to Tiger Leader and cannot change him back.

The charter has been submitted, and we are ok.

If the recharter has already been submitted, then I would recommend waiting until it is fully processed. Then the Chartered Org. Rep. or COR Delegate can use the Position Manager at my.scouting to change the position from Tiger Den Leader → Den Leader.

Trying to finish my recharter and realized that I needed to add an adult. We have had some changes and while trying to add the person, the system wanted a paper application. Is this available somewhere online?

Will council offices be open tomorrow if I continue to have trouble?

PDFs of the applications (and various other forms) are available here: Scouting Forms from the National Council | Boy Scouts of America