Error Uploading TXT file

I am trying to upload our advancements for the first time with the new system and I am getting an error message “Invalid Member ID”. I have several brand new scouts that I guess do not have Member IDs yet. They have earned their bobcat badge and I would like to include them all but I am unsure how to work around this in the Scoutbook system. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I assume you are using a 3rd party Software to generate the file? You’ll need to add their member numbers in your system. If they aren’t registered yet, you won’t be able to buy their bobcat badges yet.

You may want to work with them to see if those scouts can be excluded from the file going forward to allow you to upload awards for other scouts.

Do you see your Scouts’ names on the roster in Internet Advancement?

Yes, we currently have Scouttrack but are in the process of making a switch over to Trooptrack. I do not have ID numbers for them yet. They signed up just recently after our roundup and all so the paperwork has not been processed. I am currently editing my exported file to remove all of them so maybe I can upload the scouts with IDs…fingers crossed. My husband gave me a paper form he got in our leader packet so I am going to speak to them at the store I guess about filling those out manually for now.

I still have scouts on my roster in scoutbook that I made in active last year and years ago in our system. I am not sure why they are still showing up but I will have to figure that one out eventually. These scouts I am referring to are not showing in scoutbook roster yet.

Do these Scouts show up on your roster in Internet Advancement (not the Scoutbook roster)? If so, then you should be able to get their BSA ID numbers, because they are registered.

I added the numbers I could find in Internet Advancement roster but there are 4 of them that are not in there at all yet. They literally just joined and it was not at the round up or other scout sponsored event so I don’t think the paperwork has been processed yet.

Officially, you can’t buy restricted awards for scouts who aren’t registered. The paper advancement forms might be acceptable in your council, especially if applications take a long time to process.

All scouts who show up presently in Internet Advancement are on your official roster, which means they were rechartered at the beginning of 2019 or added since then.

If your pack has turned their registration forms in to your council, then talk to your council about how to get Bobcat rank for them until they are processed.