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Not sure if this is the right place to post this - did not see anywhere else that “fit” this issue. An adult leader created an event for our upcoming Seabase trip in June, and I received an email asking me to sign some kind of waiver and/or permission form. The email specifically said:

Sea Base High Adventure 2022 Disclaimer Invite

When I click on the link that was emailed to me, I get a 404 error message. Where do I start with troubleshooting this please? More info:

Link from the email:

Reference ID: b0385f7a-463b-11ec-af14-0e4c6192b089
404 Not Found - Requested URL cannot be found
We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found. The page has either been removed, renamed or is temporarily unavailable.

When you click on the link (which I just did) it takes you to: Event Registration

But, I am guessing that the info in the URL after “/parent-consent/” is information on the event, so I suggest trying the original link again.

Not sure what you mean by “orginal” link… I am a software developer and this is clearly either a bug or else the event owner did not configure something properly. There is only 1 link in the email sent to me, and all of the info after “/parent-consent/” is simply there to take me to the specific page that contains the waiver form for me to sign. There is no generic “event page” to go to.

@costaa - so when I go to the link and log in with my MYST login I am presented with 7 events to register for. I would gather finding out how events are entered and who the owner of the product and or event is would be helpful. Does not seem like a MYST or commissioner issue.

When I click the link I am brought to a form to fill out. I am in an incognito window.


Thank you so much scouter11!!! I was finally able to open/view the right page in Incognito mode. Must have been an issue with Chrome’s cache/cookies (although I did clear those out as well, so who knows!).

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