Error when trying to approve hikes entered

Whelp - its happening again -
Internet advancement is bogged down and throwing error codes when trying to approve hikes for our Cub Scouts - been trying the last couple days and so has the Cubmaster.
Yes, I’m on the Unit Key 3 list so I know I have the ability to approve things.

Is anyone else having this problem too?

I am as well. Tried over the weekend and again today. I’m new, so didn’t know this has happened before. What do we do?

Tried again today and still get the same error message telling me to try again.
I get they are probably short staffed with all the bankruptcy stuff but Council, National and parents are still expecting the Volunteers to keep reporting and approving items that are completed by the scouts. Problems with the entry system that go on for days/weeks don’t help Volunteers do their Volunteer job.

I can confirm that I get an intermittent error when I try to bulk approve activities, but I can work around it by selecting an individual scout, going to their activities, and approving them. Highly inefficient, but feasible. I also have had mixed success with selecting up to 15 log entries to approve. It has worked 5 out of 7 times I tried this morning.

ETA: The error is

ETA2: It looks like it is reliably running for < 15 log entries. I’m not sure if that’s some sort of “magic number” in the code, or if it’s just a load issue for some reason.

I tried to do them individually as well. And the error keeps coming up. I even fired up the desktop to try. (Usually use my laptop & hotspot)

Hrm…That is odd. It sounds like some sort of load-balancing issue run amok. I’m now getting intermittent failures below 15 entries as well.

Same issue when trying to load a single hike.

hey Charley -
do you have an answer for today’s error? attached is the screenshot…yesterday I was still getting the same “try back later” error. So nothing really got fixed - I’ve sent that to the Registrar and field director at our council but they have not gotten back to me on the original error.

That’s odd, @LianneRutty. I thought that the integer value requirement for mileage and time were both eliminated quite some time back.

Anybody from SUAC have thoughts? Was it only the time for service that had the integer number limitation removed? Or am I just mis-recalling things altogether, and the integer number entry was not “fixed” yet?

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Its still happening today - I brought it to the attention of my council who agreed it was odd…especially if a unit is using it to track hiking miles for the Hiking Merit Badge. Accuracy counts!

This has been reported to the developers to investigate. I’m not sure when we will have an answer.

I get this error when trying to approve service hours as well.