Member Transfer error from other council

We have a member transfer from Council 23 Troop 1630 with Member ID 14751722. The parent used our invitation link. It did generate a new Member ID 140669716. ScoutBook User ID is: 9377587, if that helps. We are in Council 59. But they got an error that said the system is experiencing an error on their end. I didn’t see the application on my end. We contacted council and they said to make sure that the parent use our invitation link (which he did). Will this error sort itself out if we just wait a couple of hours or so? Thanks.

Yeah I would say give it 24 hours @MHTroop511KDC

Hi, it’s been more than 24 hours but the Scout still shows as part of his old troop (per parent).

The old membership doesn’t go away when cross council transfers are made.

I’m sorry. I mean the parent is still unable to transfer their son from old troop to our troop using the invitation link from Invitation Manager.

The member number that was set as primary on the dad’s account was not the one that had the parent relationship with this scout. I set the correct one to primary. It will need an overnight sync, and he can try again tomorrow.

It’s also noteworthy that every member of that family has multiple accounts. Once their registrations are processed, someone should probably do some merging.

Thank you! He’s been successfully transferred and I’ve let the parent know to merge their member IDs.