Transferring a new scout

I am transferring to a new troop in a different state. I was successful in going online and transferring myself and my youngest son to the new unit and they were able to see the transfer and accept us. Unfortunately I was not able to transfer my oldest son. I got the following message. (I tried to attach a pic)

ERROR: Failed to transfer member ID 130775387. Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact local council registrar to update.

I am listed as his parent in Scoutbook and Internet advancement. Any ideas on how to get this fixed? I reached out to someone in my council but haven’t heard anything back.

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Scoutbook parent does not matter - AKELA parent does - you are parent to just CW in AKELA - Council SHOULD be able to add you as parent to JW @LillieWalker

There is a “User Relationships” setting that your council needs to set between you and your older Scout. They can set it with their Registrar tools.

Ok thanks. I will pass on this information.

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