Transfer error

Hello, I had a previous post that closed. Still having issues with transferring my scouts - I talked to council again and they had me retry this through doing a new application as an existing scout. When I try to do the transfer through there, I get the following error “Error: You are not authorized to use this API” - is there anything I can do here or any way anyone can help? Thanks!

My Member ID is 13845743
and their member IDs are
13845700 (original one was 137154368)
13845698 (original one was 135462548)


Are you Key 3 in the “sending” unit or a parent of the Scouts you are trying to transfer? These are the only individuals that can transfer a Scout.

I am the parent of both that I’m trying to transfer. I get the same error for both of them. Thanks!

Has the Council recorded you as the parent of these Scouts in ScoutNET using the Member ID you provided?

I think so, although I can double check by asking them that specific question. They said that they both showed associated with me on their end

The tools the SUAC has will now show parent association. I do see where you were moved to a new pack but your children are still in the old pack in Palmetto Council

I think I just cracked the code! For some reason, if I transfer my.scouting ID back to the old council, they still show under there and I’m able to do it from there.

Ah, that’s good investigation. I’ve seen that before too. Cross council transfers are tricky.

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