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Error when updating email in parent user profile

I have been trying to update the email for a connected parent for weeks now and I keep receiving server error messages. It does not appear to matter what I set the email to. When I tried again today, I get a 404 error.

This is the URL of the error I received:

https://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/500.asp?Error=url%3A%20/mobile/dashboard/admin/editprofile.asp%3FScoutUserID%3D%26AdultUserID%3D10686111%26UnitID%3D8790%20Status%3A%20200%20thrownError%3A%20SyntaxError%3A%20Unexpected%20token%20'<'%20responseText%3A%20<!DOCTYPE%20html>%20 <html>%20 <head>%20 <title>Scoutbook%20-%20Error</title>%20 <meta%20name%3D"robots"%20content%3D"noindex%2C%20nofollow"%20/> <!--JAL%2C%20122117%20--> <meta%20charset%3D"utf-8"%20/> <meta%20http-equiv%3D"content-language"%20content%3D"en-us"%20/> <meta%20name%3D"viewport"%20content%3D"width%3Ddevice-width%2C%20initial-scale%3D1%2C%20minimum-scale%3D1%2C%20maximum-scale%3D1">%20 <meta%20name%3D"apple-mobile-web-app-capable"%20conte

@AdriannaSimone - it would seem to me that the individual would have to update that themselves. The only way I have ever been able to edit an email was if the parent never connected to their account.

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@Stephen_Hornak is correct. After a person connects to their account, nobody else is allowed to change the email address associated with it.

When you say connected do you mean that you connected them to a scout or that they have accepted the invitation to connect by logging in. When you check the show parents/guardians box on the roster, what does it say under their name?

Regardless, there is a bug, since the output is not ideal. It’s just a matter of narrowing down the cause.

Thanks for the replies.

When I say connected I mean that the parent is a connection for a scout. But more accurately, they are a pending connection. As far as I know they have never used this account. Presumably because the email address is not correct and they cannot login? I have been told by the den leader that the parent does not receive any scoutbook notifications. When I view their profile I see:

This connection is Pending
Last invitation email was sent a year ago
Send Invite Again

Their email is set to “changemyemail@scoutbook.com”. I don’t know if that was set by a person in our council/committee or if that is some sort of automated default.

I was told by our prior Scoutbook “expert” that I should be able to edit anyone in the pack. I am a committee member with Full Control over everyone, but I still get that error.

Thanks again for any help.

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I’ve sent you a private message to get some more information.

I’m having this same issue with our Treasurer. He has a daughter in Scouting BSA and a son that’s a Cub Scout. I too am a Committee Chair and should be able to update it. How do you resolve this problem? He’s not receiving the notices and meetings so his son hasn’t been attending

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