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Parent Connection not allowing Update

I have a parent connection to a scout. They transferred from one pack to another. The Father came over fine, Moms emails is changeyouremail@scoutbook.com
When I try and update it i get an error. saying email is already in use. I know its not at least in our pack. when I try and delete her i get the opps error. so I am stuck now

BSA Number in Scoutbook matches the BSA number in My.Scouting.
I know I have asked this before but can’t figure it out.

@DavidLafko Are you searching for the mom based on her e-mail address?

I am not searching for her at all… She is already connected to the child but was just trying to change the email. When I change the email it gives me the error saying this email is already in use for another account. When i try and search for that email then nothing comes up.

Sorry for the delay i did not get an email that you responded to this.


I sent you a private message so we can collect data we need to investigate. Please click on the pink circle with white D in the upper right corner of the forum window.

As soon as scoutbook is working I will send you the info. Not letting me in right know.

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