Error with adult profile

Good morning
Eariler I wrote about an error with a scouts phone number. Your solution was correct the US code was turned off. Thank you.
Now another problem has surfaced. My assistant scoutmaster asked me to check his profile as he was listed in another council. He’s in Longhouse (NY) not Leatherstocking (NY). When I went to check his profile I received this message:. You are not authorized to access this API". He also has the yellow triangle with the exclamation point next to his name.
No other adults give me this error or have the yellow triangle.
His BSA is is: 14278399
We are in the middle of recharter so we need to resolve this issue. Thank you.

@JohnBurnham that number is a Seneca Waterways Council number
Longhouse is 7791754 - I see no Leatherstocking one

How do we change it to longhouse and is this why I see the errors

Is he multiple registered?? or just in Longhouse now?

It looks like the ASM has active registrations in Longhouse and in Seneca Waterways (as camp staff).

I have updated the council to Longhouse. If you could wait about 30 minutes and try again.

Thank you all.
All issues have been resolved.