Error with membership

Please setup a sync to get BSA ID: 126705870 membership back

Please add BSA ID: 134821055 back to my connections. I lost him making an end date change for his patrol.

@ds1 the first one is set to sync - the second one you can have an admin in unit setup a connection

Thank you. I am an admin, is there something I can do?

Go to your troop roster
Click your name
Click your positions
Click the current troop admin position
Click update

Note that you have to following this exact path. Accessing your positions from another path will not work.

Thank you. I got him back. But I get this message - has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.

I had reassigned him to a patrol in error from July 20 2021 to Aug 13 2021 and them moved him back to his original patrol yesterday. He shows in his original patrol now. Is there a way to remove the July 20 to Aug 13 error? Thanks

when moving scouts between patrols use the reassign button - go to desired patrol click reassign and choose scout

On membership go to the scouts membership page > click current membership > unapprove and save> then reapprove - that should match them up

For the incorrect patrol, the best you can do is change the end date to the same as the start date so it’s zero days.

For the not matched issue, go into the current membership and click update (maybe change the start date while you’re at it).

Thank you, that worked

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