Event Calendars Specific Roles

It would be great if we could create 2 new ScoutBook-specific roles with the following privileges:

  • Record attendance and post comments, but otherwise view-only for all events calendar entries
  • Add, edit and delete all events calendar entries, including attendance and comments

Out of curiosity, what is the functionality gained by grouping those particular subsets of permissions? That is, what role do you see the person with those permissions holding? Is it a youth role, and adult role, or both?

I see it being primarily an adult role, but certain Troops may choose to let their Webmaster fulfill one or both of these roles

We are making extensive use of the Events calendar for tracking attendance and using the built-in reporting capabilities. The existing native roles grant way more permission than we want to broadly share for individuals that should only be updating the events calendar.

Some youth leaders (ex: SPL & Scribe) can take attendance using the Scouting App on their mobile device.

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On the adult side, I believe that the Unit Secretary role gets full access to the calendar, including attendance tracking, if you wanted an adult to fill that role.

Personally, I’d like to see much more granularity in the permissions structure, so that units can (within reason) set their own access permissions by role/individual, with some default role-based settings from Scoutbook. That said, moving to such a configuration would require essentially rewriting the permissions system from the ground up, from everything that I’ve seen in related discussions.

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There is no Unit Secretary role that I can see, but there is a Committee Secretary role. Did you mean that?

Yes, it is Committee Secretary.

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