Not receiving Scoutbook invite

I am sending Scoutbook event invites to myself as well as all other leaders, but I am not receiving any invites. I have checked my spam and junkmail folders, buit there are no invites from Scoutbook.

Are you trying to send an invite to a unit you are already in in Scoutbook? I do not understand

I am the committee chair for the Troop and I am in the process of updating the Troop calendar. I send the invite to myself to confirm that the invite was sent.

so this is a calendar reminder?

I am sending the invites to the leaders for upcoming events that I just added.

Are you using the Send Now option, or the scheduled send (i.e. X days before), or both?

Thank you, I was not using the event reminder function, I sent a reminder, and I just received the email.

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