IA - Calendar Events Disappearing

Primary issue we are having is recently a few IA Calendar events have disappear from the IA calendar after they are created and saved. Our SM entered the January troop meetings in IA Calendar last week and today they have disappeared from the calendar without anyone going in and physically removing those events. They are not events without invitees, etc. SM and CC cannot see the meeting events now.

Secondary, is when entering activity descriptions into an IA Calendar event, sometimes if it is a cut and paste from a prior event or another text edit program, it will show formatting tags before, after, or even in the middle of paragraphs. This occurs in the description area after the event is saved and closed. These events usually do not have any formatted text when they are entered and this issue happens. This issue does not seem to happen with a description that we enter straight into the IA event. The current fix is to go back into the event and delete all the formatting tags from the text box. That fixes the rogue formatting tags and the event is displayed properly.

Thanks for any insight.

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