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Event reminder not received by all parents

I created an event, set the invitees, and set reminders.

In the past, both parents of this family received the reminders.

Yesterday, one parent, #1, of this family received the reminder email, the other parent, #2, did not. Both are invitees.

I went into #2 parent account and updated her parent connection, her den admin role, and her Assistant Webelos Den Leader position. I deleted a duplicate AWDL position created by Akela sync.

Today, again, #1 parent received the event reminder, and #2 did not.

I created a Scoutbook Support ticket, SSD-72739

edit - The reminder is not in her spam/junk folder.


Did parent #2 check the spam folder? If you try to send a message via Send Message does Parent #2 say No E-mail?

Ed, it is not in her spam folder. She is set to receive emails.

She used to receive reminders. Now she is not.

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