Events won't save "invitee" changes, includes prior scouts non-rechartered, RSVP list shows "Not invited" when invited

Here’s a PLC event with the below issues. This is happening on multiple events.

Event Details | Scoutbook Plus (

  1. Certain events invite last year’s list of members (ie event invites include scouts/parents who did not recharter). When I deselect all and reselect scouts and leaders it matches the current charter numbers. Save event and it reports it saved. Then, when I go back to the event, it has all the old non-rechartered folks still included.
  2. When I open the RSVP report for the event there are several scouts noted as “not invited” when these scouts are invited and have been a part of the troop for a while, so they are on both the pre-recharter scout list AND the current correct list.

Can you try clearing cache to see if that fixes either issue?

Clearing cache didn’t help. @jacobfetzer

When I deselect all youth and then reselect all youth, the number correct to just rechartered folks. I push save and it “saves sucessfully” and then right there the event has switched back to the pre-recharter numbers and people.

Old people do not show up when creating NEW events.

Too bad that didn’t work. Clearing the cache can reload newer version of the website code, not just end user data.

@MarjorieMcLean - was this event created in scoutbook last year with the festure assistant? I gather the old members are not listed at on the roster ?

Yes, it probably was created last year.
Yes, the roster and the roster inside scoutbook is only current members.

The non rechartered members are on previously created events with no way to delete them.

@MarjorieMcLean - does it have text like this when you are in edit event?


That will be in the box under the description box

I would also recommend some housekeeping on the scoutbook side. Open the unit roster and use the clean old connections button at the bottom of the list.

No, it does not have text like that in edit event