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There is one parent connected to his two scout daughters. One has his correct email address in the profile while the other has an error in the email address. The email for BSA 137417489 is wrong. The email for BSA 137417466 is correct. I’ve been unable to update the email on my end. How can I correct the one profile email?


I’ll look into this


The father had 2 Scoutbook accounts (which I merged) and has 2 BSA Member IDs (MID).
MID 137417467 is what is on his my.scouting.org ID.
MID 137417490 is also his.

I suspect what happened is when he registered one child, he did not include his middle name on the application. MID 137417467 was generated. When he registered his other child, he included his middle name. Since the names did not match, MID 137417490 was generated.

Please contact your Council registrars to make sure both children are listed under MID 137417467 and have them add his middle name to this MID. This will prevent future issues.

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Perfect. Thank you for the help!

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