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I am beginning to help with my Troops advancement and we are going to migrate from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. We are noticing that multiple scouts’ advancement are not populating in either Scoutbook or Internet Advancement.

Are there any issues that are known and work arounds. If it helps, the Scouts that are having discrepancies were in Scoutbook as Cubs and the ones who are not having issues were never in Scoutbook as Cubs.

Could you please elaborate?


A single example (I have 8 scouts total with issues):

Scout in Troopmaster has completed 2nd Class and has 8 merit badges.
IA/Scoutbook shows him as No Rank and only 2 merit badges.

Sorry, at this time I don’t have IDs to verify, just looking for help with Troopmaster if there is a bulk export for advancement that I can import to Scoutbook.

Troopmaster does have a file upload that you can use with Internet Advancement.

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