Extra entries of parents, and wrong parents assigned

I now see more multiples as well. I had already sent an email to the scoutbook support enumerating the issues…do I now also need to copy URLs? (That would have been easier than what I did the first time through I have to admit). We have 20 scouts in our unit of 33 that have problems.

@HeatherBabish - if you look at the URL’s you may find as Scoutbook support did that the person ID is the same on all of the dupes, only the connection ID is different. So, that being said, a removal of one removes all as they are the same person id.

I am not a computer person so I have no idea what that means! Can you give a step by step of what we need to submit?

@HeatherBabish - if you go to a scout in the roster that shows a duplicate parent connection, click on the first one and look up in the URL box at the top of the browser window you should see something like this:

Copy those for each of the duplicate into notepad or into your reply email on the SSD incident email.

My Support ticket number for this issue is SSD-88703.

@HeatherBabish @Stephen_Hornak

You probably do not need to copy every single url (if there are a lot of them) to send to Scoutbook support . They probably only need a few examples, and then you can explain who it is impacting (all parents in the unit, etc.)

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