Failure in associating scout with parent

Scout X has Parents Y (Pack Leader) and Z, both of which were Connected with Scout X in a different council. After transfer, Scout X was only listed as connected to Parent Z. Parent Y can still be found in Scoutbook through normal Connection search. However, once a Connection is attempted to be made between Scout X and Parent Y through existing record, Scoutbook fails to add connection and asks for Parent Y’s Gender, First and Last Names.

Scout X: SB User ID: 11654059 BSA Member ID: 14627406
Parent Y: SB User ID: 1832332 BSA Member ID: 12928341

best bet is this - If the parent is in the unit already by a position or another Scout you can use Connection Manager under Roster, then go to the connection and click the Parent Checkbox

Den Leaders really should be Den Admins also

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When I do this, I don’t see an option for Parent checkbox. I see a grid of adults and scouts, and if I select the box that connects the scout and parent, the only options are ‘View Advancement’ and ‘View Profile’. This doesn’t match the ‘green ball’ marker that the other parents have.

make the connection > go to Scout and Connections > change to parent there

This worked.
Can I ask why this needs to be done in this manner instead of the normal way?

The search is broken right now is the simple answer

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