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Feature request - Add training scrape for individual adults

Hi, @GaryFeutz,

There was a discussion in another thread that raised the idea behind this feature request.

Similar to the FAE’s “YPT Status Report”, it would be great to get an “adult training report” that does something similar by retrieving all training for one or more adults selected from a dropdown menu of adults associated with the unit in Scoutbook.

A proposed report format would include the course name, the course code, the date taken, and (if available) the expiration date of the course.

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Unfortunately, its not possible. The current YPT report is based on a legacy Scoutbook report that was discontinued but is being kept barely alive only for YPT for the extension. Nothing else current available.

Bummer. I was hoping it was a screen scrape via the Legacy Tools training lookup by BSA ID.

Those who need the training records can get them from my.scouting.org. Why duplicate?

Because the interface at my.scouting is awkward, requires the user to know the BSA ID for the adult, and difficult to find for new people? I believe moving it to an interface people are used to using, regularly use, and that could extract data like the BSA ID from the database directly would be valuable.

Scoutbook.com claims to be “The Whole Scouting Experience Rolled Into One Great Web App”. Normal users don’t want to know which systems contains the data. They want it all in one spot so they can get back to the Pack or Troop.

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All of that said, Gary pointed out that it’s not possible to implement as a FAE feature, so we have to hope that it will be picked up by BSA IT (which I frankly doubt, no matter the utility of it).

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The BSA long term IT goal that has been stated is to bring all tools under one umbrella in the long term. They have taken the focus away from duplicative activities as the resource hours are limited. I think over the long term we will see things move together, but as anyone who has merged disparate system’s can tell you it is a long arduous task.


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