Feature Request for Invitation Manager Leads

The lead component of Invitation Manager could use some improvement.

  1. Required Fields/Editing: Often I get leads from outside of MyScouting that have email OR phone, but that not both. However, my.Scouting won’t allow me to create a lead without both. The leads should allow creation with only one method of contact (or none) and allow the user to edit a lead created at the unit level.

  2. Lead Sources: This should either have more options (e.g., Unit Social Media, Unit Website, Email) or allow the user to define sources to see what works for unit level recruiting.

  3. Notes: There should be a notes field to add info like Scout name, grade, etc. and to log contacts.


I have passed this along to the developers.

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I agree with the OP. We need to be able to enter Email OR Phone, but not necessarily both for a lead for when we get them outside of Scoutbook. Right now they are still both required fields.

Additionally, I think it may be a bug since the Invitation Manager is the same as Leads Manager, but the same features aren’t available. Here’s what I’m talking about… When entering a lead as a unit, it only asks for the PARENT information and actually appears as if I’m inviting the parent to join and not the scout. It never asks for any scout information, no age/grade, etc… On the other hand, when someone goes to beascout.org and enters a new lead then it allows them to enter all of this information including Scout Name and Grade.

If it’s already in the database in Leads Manager for someone to enter Scout Name and Grade from beascout.org, why do we not have the ability to add this information for tracking and later follow-up statistical information when we enter it in the unit Invitation Manager (Leads Manager)??

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Are you actually able to create new leads in the Invitation Manager right now? Ever since the system update 2 weeks ago, the button is grayed out for us here.

Yes, I can still create leads:

I can as well as I added one last night

I’m a commissioner and thought maybe they disabled access to it for commissioners, by I just had a NMC from a troop contact me and she cannot add one either.

OK, I asked around to some of the units and the unit key 3 can still create new leads, but no longer can commissioners or the unit’s REGISTERED New Member Coordinators (which is literally part of their job to handle).

sounds like a bug or need for a feature request.

Does anyone know why BeAScout.org collects information on both the parent and youth when it creates a Lead in Invitation Manager, but when a Lead is manually entered in Invitation Manager, it only asks for the parent info and not the youth?

The lack of information on the youth makes Invitation Manager less useful for tracking and following up on manually entered Leads.