Feature Request: Update 'requirement year' for Cub Scouts on Quick Entry

One of my Den Leaders reports that she can’t use Quick Entry to mark off all of the Cubs in her den (at once) for a specific adventure because some of the Cubs have a different requirement year. Thus, when she selects one “Choose requirements version” at the top of the Quick Entry, it greys out the scouts who don’t have that set as their requirement year. She can repeat this process for each of the possible requirements versions and ultimately mark off all of the scouts, but it would be much easier if she could just mark it off for all of them at once. Maybe that could mean ignoring the different requirement years, or else letting her change the requirement year for a specific scout.

@PaulLanzi - as a point of information i would suggest that a read of the bsa guide to advancement and the bsa advancement news. There is a date certain when advancement must be on the current requirements

Den Leaders should be able to go in to the individual scout’s advancement and change the rank/award version where needed. It’s possible that a parent toggled the version being worked on, or that one or more of the scouts started working on a given rank prior to the effective date of changes while others started afterwards, and so the software auto-toggled the “new” scouts to the newer version.

I don’t have a role in a pack right now, but the interface looks like this at the troop level:

Whichever version is white text on a brown background is “active” for that scout. Click the brown-on-white version to switch to that as the “working on” version. @Stephen_Hornak is right that there may be effective dates involved that mean everyone has to switch one way or the other (or that some can stay). I haven’t kept up on Cub Scout advancement in any detail since I’ve been at the troop level.

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