Quick Entry for Cub Scout Adventures

When I try to do Quick Entry for my den not all of the Scouts in the den are shown in the list to be selected.

Am I doing something incorrectly?

are all their memberships approved?

Check to make sure they are all on the most current version year.

They are all on our roster in Scoutbook. I can enter their completion one at a time (which is labor intensive)

Are you referring to requirements version? I have a choice of 2016 or 2017, and changing between them makes no difference.

Are you missing new scouts who first appeared on your scoutbook roster in the past 24 hours?

Can setup a screenshare to figure it out if needed

No. Funny thing, when I do a Quick Entry for payment, awards, or rank requirements ALL of the Scouts are listed for choosing.

@SamuelHarley Yes. Cub Scouts should all be set to the most current version year.

You will want to look at their rank page and also the adventure page. The rank and each adventure can have different version years.

Well, today it’s functioning properly.


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