Find information about "unit hosted activity"?

How can I find information about the “unit hosted activity”? I can’t find it in any of our unit activities, but this scout was apparently a part of it?? She is only a member of our troop and was registered with only our troop at the time of this service.

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@AudreyReed - do you see three dots next to the approved/recorded… click on that and select edit

No, there are no dots.

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@AudreyReed - the unit hosted in my unit are those involving multiple scouts/adults… could you check the audit log and activity log for those dates.

There are no activities in our unit for that day. Can you help me where to find the audit log for that day?

@AudreyReed - Troop Page > Troop Reports > Audit Log Report, and Activity Log report

Bingo! Thank you!! Now, the big question - I know who the person is that put it in, but how did she add my Scout to an activity? She’s not in any way associated with our unit. She is associated with the pack that this Scout came from, but she had crossed over and been transferred in Scoutbook several months before this activity.

@AudreyReed - well one thing for sure is that scouts are not transferred via scoutbook…


Connections are not always broken when a Scout changes units. I suggest going to your Troop Roster page and clicking Clean Old Connections button at the bottom of the roster.


Apologies if I didn’t say that correctly. :expressionless:

Ahhh. Will do. Thank you!!

@AudreyReed - and the lack of the three dots points to it coming from the pack side. Data entry mistake on their side

I’d check the scout’s memberships in Scoutbook to see if they still have one with the pack.


Good call. Just checked and she does not. Thanks for the pointer.