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I was in BSA as a child and made it through to Eagle. I have recently rejoined scouting as a leader in my child’s pack. I think I was given a new BSA ID when I regisetered as a parent. How do I find my old ID (20+years) and link it to the new one. It would be interesting to see what all I actually earned besides all the ranks.

In many cases, council didn’t record anything other than the Eagle rank.

Each council has a unique list of member numbers they can issue. So, if you are in a different council now, that’s why you got a new number. If you are in the same council, you can call and ask them to move your current registration to your old number.

If your name and DOB match exactly, you can go to > manage member id to add the new one. Note that the member ID that’s primary is the one you’ll be logging into for scoutbook. So, you could temporarily change the primary to your old number to log in and see what it says. Then change it back.

Some people like to merge their youth and adult scoutbook accounts. I’ve personally kept mine separate.

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I searched the BSA Person Database. There is only one BSA Member ID for you in the DB. The only advancement recorded is your Eagle.

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