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Update - Correct - Merge scoutbook accounts

I was involved in the BSA back in the 1980’s and 90’s. Earned my Eagle out of the Alabama Florida council.

My son recently joined the BSA and I have registered as an adult leader. When I created my Scoutbook account, I was not aware that I had “another” account already. I have my newest account that has all of my recent activities, but I would like to add my time and positions from my youth to my account as well, and preferably merge my “old” account to the account I am using now.

Trouble is, a) when I try to add my time in my old troop, the system says it cannot find the troop (granted the troop folded over 20 years ago) and b) I don’t know how to access my “old” account.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

are you in the same council now?

Yes, in fact, same city.

you can talk to the council - in theory you should be under the same old BSA # already

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I can do that, thank you.

You could try logging in at my.scouting.org and use Manage Member ID to add your other BSA member number. Make sure you designate the number you are currently using as “primary”.

Does Scoutbook track youth positions for adults who predated the Scoutbook system? I didn’t think so, but maybe that changed…

Is there a way to search for my old account? I don’t remember anything about it, other than the physical address attached to it. The only reason I knew it existed was because the pack leaders told me of a 2nd account with my name attached to it.

like I said talk to your council they can help

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