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Finding Previous IA Reports

I need to give a copy of a previous IA Report to our MB Coordinator to purchase rank patches and MBs to replace what we have awarded back in May 2019. We currently use TroopWeb Host and I had to export out of TWH to upload to IA. I have the .txt file that I uploaded to IA and the scouts have been approved for their achievements. But when I go to REPORTS, it does not list reports further back than July. To make things more odd, when I click DOWNLOAD on any report, it give me this error: We couldn’t verify your logon right now (4)

So, I’m stumped. Any help is appreciated.

Try logging out, then logging back in again. “We couldn’t verify your logon right now (4)” sounds like a timeout error.

similar question - how do we see the reports that were generated with the old internet advancement system - we need to verify advancement that is now missing from a scouts record that was processed with the prior IA system.

If advancement was processed with legacy IA it will be in Scoutbook and the new IA. The announcement for the new IA stated old reports will no longer be available.